A picture of the M249SAW at the shop.

M249SAW is a type of Heavy Machine Gun.


Class: Heavy Machine Gun

Maximum Damage: 260

Minimum Damage: 220

Ammo: 85

Shot Interval: 0.17 secs

Reload Time: 5 secs

Maximum Damage Per Second: 1529.41176

Minimum Damage Per Second: 1294.11764

Shots Per Second: 5 (0.85 secs)

Maximum Damage in Terms of Shots Per Second: 1300

Minimum Damage in Terms of Shots Per Second: 1100

Maximum Damage Per Clip: 22100

Minimum Damage Per Clip: 18700

Continous Fire Per Clip: 14.45 secs

Requirments (Before May 1, 2011): 8 Strength

Requirments (Present): 5 Strength

Cost (Before May 1, 2011): 18350 Coins & 300 Cash

Cost (Present): 24900 Coins & 26 Cash


M249SAW Combat

The M249SAW in continuous fire. Note that the small white streak near the green crosshair is the fired bullet from the weapon.

The M249SAW could be considered to be the upped version of the assault rifle because it has slightly more powerful damage than most assault rifles and that it has a huge magazine of ammo.

The M249SAW after May 1, 2011 is the new classic weapon for people who are levels 20 or above due to its huge reduction of cost. Players generally buy this is because of its capability to fire non-stop without the need for a reload and that it does generally high damage as well.

The key problem to the SAW is the fact that its accuracy is bloody low. It is recommended to have at least 5 accuracy before purchasing this weapon for it has such a huge crosshair that even if the user assaults an opponent right in front of him, it could still miss.
M249SAW Final

Notice the significant difference of the crosshair size when crawling (left), squatting (middle) and standing (right)which is around 10 feet away from the M249SAW. (Note: The crosshair sizes could change depending on the skill points of the user's accuracy.)

The M249SAW is generally used for assaulting purposes but may occasionally be used as a camping weapon so that its accuracy could improve significantly when sniping people of a corner.