Class: Rocket

Maximum Damage (Before May 1,2011): 1800

Minimum Damage (Before May 1,2011): ?

Maximum Damage: 1200

Minimum Damage: ?

Ammo: 4

Shot Interval: 0.15 Sec

Reload Time: 2.5 Sec

Maximum Damage Pre Second: ?

Minimum Damage Pre Second: ?

Shots Pre Second: 4 In 1 Sec

a weapon being reaserched right now need more info

The M202A2 is a FLame Assault SHoulder weapon (FLARE) although it doesn't shoot naplam rockets. It can hold up to 4 rockets and reload at the speed of 2.5 sec. It's the most popular rocket launcher as many high rank players had bought one. It has 200 less damage than the S.M.A.W. but holds more rockets and shoots faster. The M202A2 is best for taking out campers and people with tons of health, there is alot of perfect purpose for using this weapon in combat. Becareful using it at close range as you can take alot of damage or even instant death.

Advantages: although this weapon is perfect for taking out campers, you can simply shoot all 4 rockets at a window and it will mostly kill everyone inside. When crouched or proned, it's accuracy is boost alittle which gives good advantage to kill enemy players at a sharp narrow spot. Sometimes it might shoot rockets everywhere.