Laser LGH

A picture of the Laser LGH in the shop.


Class: Energy Gun

Maximum Damage: 300

Minimum Damage: 250

Ammo: 20

Shot Interval: 0.17 secs

Reload Time: 2.5 secs

Maximum Damage Per Second: 1764.70588

Minimum Damage Per Second: ?

Shots Per Second: 5 (0.85 secs)

Maximum Damage in Terms of Shots Per Second: 1500

Minimum Damage in Terms of Shots Per Second: ?

Maximum Damage Per Clip: 6000

Minimum Damage Per Clip: ?

Continous Fire Per Clip: 3.4 secs

Requirments (Before May 1, 2011): 4 Accuracy 3 Strength

Requirments (Present): 5 Accuracy 3 Strength 1 Explosions

Cost (Before May 1, 2011): 26700 Coins & 450 Cash

Cost (Present): 45000 Coins & 50 Cash


The Laser LGH is an energy gun that shoots out purple-pink streaks of ammo. The streaks it fires are slightly larger than the ordinary bullet used in most other guns.

The Laser LGH is a balanced weapon because it has average ammo per clip, high damage per shot, a quick shot interval, a quick reload time and it is rather accurate, making it suitable for use in most techniques used by the players today.

There has been debates going on for a few months asking whether the LGM could be better than LGH. Although LGM does more damage per shot, the LGH does more DPS. In other words, LGM does 7000 dmg/4 secs while the LGH does 6000 dmg/ 3.4secs. If one does the math, LGM would do 1750 dmg/sec while the LGH does 1764.70588/sec, just a tedious bit more than the LGM. But due to the fact that ~15 dmg/sec doesn't make much of a difference and that the LGM is cheaper, it is recommended to get the LGM. But it is advised to use LGH for more on the assaulting techniques for it has a quicker shot interval and LGM for more on the sniping techniques for it has higher damage per shot.

  • P.S.: If anyone knows the minimum damage of Laser LGH, can you please help me edit the question marks. Thanks.