Image of Assassin the shop.

Assassin is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the game according to some people's perspectives.


Class: Assault Rifle

Maximum Damage: 250

Minimum Damage: 200

Ammo: 34

Shot Interval: 0.15 secsadasdasdasdzxcasczxczxc 6 (0.9 secs)

Maximum Damage in Terms of Shots Per Second: 1500

Minimum Damage in Terms of Shots Per Second: 1200

Maximum Damage Per Clip: 8500

Minimum Damage Per Clip: 6800

Continous Fire Per Clip: 5.1 secs

Requirments (Before May 1, 2011): 4 Accuracy, 3 Strength

Requirments (Present): 4 Accuracy, 2 Strength

Cost (Before May 1, 2011): 500 Cash

Cost (Present): Around 9988 coins and 45 cash. This gun is usually a buyer's weapon (or hacker's weapon) but can be bought by non-buyer players occasionally either on sales or normal price.


Because of its quick reload, high amount of ammo per clip, high accuracy, high damage, a very quick shot interval and the fact that it even shoots with hardly any sound, this makes it one of the most blanaced and most powerful wetremely difficult to kll for it is an all-rounder.

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